Residential Movers

Moving can seem like a great expense at times. Which is why many people try to move on their own with a Uhaul and with friends.

The most expensive thing that can happen to you is uninsured damage to your property or to your health.

Move Alliance Group Members are:

  • Properly & Exceptionally Equipped
  • Thoroughly trained
  • Compliant with federal regulations and National Safety Code/Worksafe

What are some of the differences of a Move Alliance Group Member?

  • Over a year of moving experience: Generally about 1000 hours
  • Organized: They don’t need to plan ahead, they know which things go first and how to protect your belongings
  • Careful: When in doubt, wrap. When it’s moving, lock it. When it’s creaking, cover it.
  • SIA – Seen it all’: How do you pack a truck properly? How do you keep things dry in the rain? How to negotiate a sofa up and down a staircase? How do you lift a large sofa into a penthouse using only a boom? (Yes, really)
  • Realistic: If that bed frame isn’t going through the doorway, don’t force it

Many of our members specialize in residential moves. Contact us today for a moving quote from a local professional.

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