Long Distance Movers

Long distance moves are measured by weight and require great care.

There are 3 main areas during a move where damage can occur to property:


During pickup, items that are not properly wrapped, sealed and/or boxed can be damage or damage your previous residence. This contact damage often results in smudges on paint, scratches on furniture and tiny indentures on wall. A professional takes great care to properly insulate your belongings against damage. Disassembly may be required so that items can fit through doorways and be properly stored during transit.


Regardless of how careful one drives, momentum tends to shift items during transit. A proper system is required to ensure that items are gently and firmly held in place. This also means that insulation between items is required. Even inside boxes, a certain amount of insulation is required to protect against items rubbing against each other.

Drop Off

The risks with drop off are almost identical to those with Pickup. With one critical exception: this is frequently the first time transporting items to the new location. As there is no familiarity, extra care must be taken to ensure against any contact damage. Further, items must be properly wrapped to ensure your new residence is kept clean and no dirt has been added. This includes protection during elevator rides/difficult access.

Long Distance Moves

For long distance moves, we highly recommend BCMovers 604-317-1986 and Student Movers 604-800-3308. You can also email us at operations@movealliancegroup.com and we will contact them directly on your behalf.